Agility and Pups!!!!

August/September 2021

August/September 2021

It has been a really good few weeks for myself and my dogs in agility; Bree has been 2nd in a jumping final at Pure Agility Show, and Mitch did four really good runs at that show. The following week, Bree had 3 runs 3 clears and 3 first places at Agility Nuts Show. No runs for Mitch.

On Sept 11th, Bree did an amazing clear round, in her Olympia quarter final run, just missing out on qualifying for Olympia. An amazing achievement, for a dog, at almost 10 years of age. 


My 1st two puppies classes, came to their conclusion. I loved every moment of teaching both classes, and each puppy left with a ' goody bag'...and a happy owner.

I currently have another two puppy classes, that I am teaching, at my paddock in Worthington....and starting on the 18th September are two agility foundation courses. 


September 18th 

So the sun shone and we had perfect weather, for the first agility foundation courses at DanTup. A real mixture of different breeds of dogs, which was great. Older dogs in the first class, and the younger dogs in the second class. Lots of things for everybody to go home and work on. Hopefully, a couple of new wobble boards and some more toys arriving for next week's classes 🀞


Sunday September 19th 2021. 

A good day at, Southam Show. I really like this show.

Bree, was her usual awesome self, and another win for her. 

Still looking for that elusive clear with Mitch, but his confidence in the ring is getting better all the time, and his contacts have been great, and consistent and his weaves much better. 






September 20th onwards

A good week weather wise. 

My two puppy groups went well, everybody working hard, to improve their own puppy, and its behaviour and obedience.

All my 1-2-1 agility pupils were taught in beautiful weather and the lovely surroundings of my paddock. 

Saturday, we trained a small jump, a tyre, drive/focus, and a low dog walk in my agility foundation training. 


Sunday 26th September 2021

I headed off to a show at Catton Hall, where Bree, won both of her classes, Grade 7 agility, and Comb 6/7 jumping, and Mitch, got his first clear round in Gr 1-3 Agility, and won the Grade 2 class by 5 seconds!!

He needs an agility win or a jumping win to now get to Grade 3. 

A great day on proud of my dogs. 


Tuesday October 5th 2021 

Bree and myself, have been  invited by the Kennel Club, and Agility Management Team of Great Britain, to try out for the GB Agility teams, for 2022. This would include competing at the European and World Agility Championships. A great honour to be asked, and so very proud of Bree.


Saturday October 9th 2021

A lovely day, weather wise, to finish my puppy training outdoors for the summer.

The two foundation agility classes, also, reached their conclusion.

All dogs trained really well, and were a credit to their owners....and each one went away with a 'goodie bag'

I am now looking forward to the indoor classes starting at the Beaumont Centre, in Peggs Green. 

At my venue in Worthington, I am still taking 1-2-1's and a group class in agility is starting end of October. 


Sunday 24th October

A huge 'well done' to one of my pupils Sara Green, who got her first clear round, resulting in a 2nd place, at Pure KC show, today.

I am so pleased for her and her dog Albie, who have made so much progress :) 


Saturday 6th November

So, the 2nd week of the puppy and advanced Level 2 training, and all is going well. 

The indoor venue at Peggs Green has so much space, for everybody to train in. 



Saturday 13th November 2021


I had a good day competing at Agility Nuts show 

I was really pleased with Mitch, competing indoors for the first time.

Amazing running contacts from him. 

Bree, had one run.....and won the class.

She is an amazing dog

Huge congratulations to my pupils, Martin and his Border Collie, Buzz. 

A fantastic clear in the Elementary jumping, and they won the class. 


December 2022

Huge congratulations to my pupils Sara Green and Albie, for 2 x 2nd places at Pure KC Agility Show.

Well done to my pupil  Martin Lewis and Buzz, for a 3rd place in a grade 2 jumping  class at Agility Nuts Show. 


Saturday February 5th 2022

So, the 2nd puppy course at the Beaumont Centre, Peggs Green, came to an end.

A smashing group of puppies and owners. 

Everybody went away happy, and every pup received some treats and a toy. 

My Level 2 class, has progressed to Level 3.

All of those dogs have been training with me, since summer 2021..and it is great to watch their progress.

I have 3 new people, joining this class, plus the puppy class is also full, for February 12th.


The next puppy/level 2 course will start on Saturday March 26th. 

I have one space remaining in each class. 

I have an agility taster class on Sunday March 20th.

This is now full, but please get in touch if you would be interested in coming to try some agility.

I do 1-2-1's and group classes 


April 2022


New classes for puppies and adolescent dogs have started at the Beaumont Centre

A lovely group of puppies, and the advanced dogs are progressing so well, in their class.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!   To Martin and Buzz, my pupils, who got a 1st place in grade 2 jumping at the weekend.

                                               This combination are amazing. I am sure they will have many more rosettes this year.

I am hoping to start competing at Easter...with my dogs


HOOPERS!!!!!!!   I will be offering 1-2-1's and group classes in Hoopers JUNE

                               Please get in touch, if you would like to book a training session in either Hoopers, or agility my pupils, Sara and Albie, on a Grade 1 Jumping win, at Agility Vision Show.

Very proud!!


May 2022

May 7th 

New puppy and Level 2 class started at Peggs Green.

The next course will start...Saturday 25th June.


Sunday May 8th 

 My dog,  Mitch....WON Graded 1-3 6 secs!! 

This win takes him to Grade 3. 

Congratulations, to my pupils Sara and Albie, who got a 2nd place in jumping, at the same show.


**** New Puppy Class****

Starts June 25th.........please enquire if interested. 


Saturday May 21st 2022

My dogs, Bree and Mitch won, 3 classes between them at Agility Vision Show

Bree won comb 6-7 jumping, and grade 7 jumping.

Mitch, won comb 1-2 jumping.

He also had the fastest time in gr 1-3 jumping, but just a pole, for 5 faults.

Very proud of them both.  


Huge my pupils Gray and Shady, who at their first EVER competition, 

this weekend, won 2 x 3rd places in Hooper competitions.

They have trained with me for 2 years now, and combine, agility and hoopers in their training. 

So pleased for them both....very well deserved :)


Friday 3rd June 2022


Bree, won combined 6-7 jumping.

My girl has very few runs, these days, but is still wonderfully consistent. 

She won a special Queens jubilee rosette and Trophy. 


Huge CONGRATULATIONS, to my pupils Sara and Albie, on winning a Grade 1 agility class, at WOF Show.

These now makes them......Grade 2

Very well deserved :) 


June 11th and 12th 2022


Huge my pupils, Martin and Buzz, who, won a grade 2 agility class at Godmanchester Show

This win now takes them to Grade 3 :)


June 18th and 19th 2022

Huge my pupils, Sara and Albie, who came 2nd in a grade 1 Final at Pure. 2nd in Grade 3 jumping.

Bree had a 2nd in grade 7 jumping, and a 3rd in Comb 4-7 jumping. 


July 2022

Massive Congratulations to Martin and Buzz...who have gained another 4 wins in grade 3 and also a 2nd place .

Well done Sara and Albie....on getting a clear round in medium gr 2 jumping  


Sunday 31st July 2022

Derbyshire Show.

So a day at Derbyshire Show .....for myself and my dogs. 

4 runs ....2 for Bree and 2 for Mitch. 

Mitch won combined 3-4 Agility  and had just a pole in his gr 3-5 jumping run 

Bree  3rd Grade 7 jumping and 4th Comb 5-7 jumping 

So pleased with their runs 

We do not get to compete that often...due to my work commitments....but, both dogs were a joy to run ...and both gave me 100%


August 5th 2022

A win in Grade 3 Agility for Mitch.

A win in Grade 7 jumping for Bree  

Only 2 runs ground getting hard and slippy due to the dry weather

Bree....only does jumping runs.. anyway  

Huge Gray and Shady for winning a Grade 1 Hoopers class. They also came home with a 2nd and 3rd place  


20th August 2022

Huge my pupils Sara and Albie. 

Back to back wins 5 days apart at Agility Vision and WBSDS, mean that Albie is now grade 3!!!!

So pleased and proud of them. 

From Grade 1 to Grade 3 this year. 

A 2nd for grade 7 WBSDS. 

Mitch keeps improving and growing in confidence. 


I am taking bookings for the September 10th puppy class. (1 place remaining)

 Level 2 and 3 classes, are  now FULL. 


Sunday 4th September 2022

Mitch.....goes Grade 4!!!!!

Mitch won the grade 3 jumping class at Agility Nuts, gaining his last win to become grade 4. 

So this agility season,  he has gone from Grade 2 to Grade 4.

Clever boy, Mitch. 

A fab run from Bree, too, for a 2nd place in Grade 7, jumping. 

Well done, to Debbie and Coedy, who competed at their first show, and did really well.  


Saturday 17th September 2022

Two wins for Gray and Shady, in a Hoopers

Competition. Fantastic runs...well done  πŸ‘ 


Sunday 18th September 

A 2nd place for Mitch is a Gr 3-5 jumping comp.

By far his most technical course to run so far...but he ran fantastic. Lost time on two loose turns so a winter tighten those...but super pleased.

A 6th place for Bree in Comb 4-7 jumping.

She is still enjoying herself...and consistently clear. 


10th November 2022

My first Thursday evening puppy class concluded.

It was great fun and a great success with all the puppies returning to go into the Level 2 class on a Saturday morning. 


Saturday 12th November 2022

A day at Agility Nuts Show. 

It was very very busy and loud as indoors. 

2 x runs for Bree

2 x clears = 2 x 1st places.

Mitch....great waits, weaves and running contacts. 

He just needs to adjust to the tighter rings and atmosphere of indoor shows. .

He is so fast and long is difficult for him in tighter rings


November and December 2022.

No shows competed at for myself or my clients. 

I have been busy with my puppy/ obedience classes and my 1-2-1 agility lessons. 

The January Level 2 and Level 3 classes are now .. Full.

There is a space.. on each of the puppy classes as of 21/12/22. 

Please enquire re the foundation agility classes...if interested as only 1-2 spaces left, from two groups. 

There are a couple of places...available, on my Thursday and Friday 2pm agility groups. 

These are suitable for dogs with basic - pre comp agility skills. 

A big Thank ALL of my clients this year. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas....and a Happy New Year  πŸ§‘‍πŸŽ„πŸΎπŸ₯‚

Hope to see you in 2023 🀩


Thursday 5th January 2023


All obedience classes are now...FULL!!

Please check ' upcoming courses' for the next available puppy courses etc to book February.


February courses are now available to book on. 

The Level 2/3 ,courses are already nearly full, so be quick, if you wish to book onto one of these courses. 

There is the option of a Thusday evening or a Saturday morning  .


A new beginners agility class starts on February 5th. 

This class is FULL, but please get in touch, if you are interested in having agility lessons..or in joing a group class. 


Qll classes are Full for February. 


The next puppy course starts on Thursday March 23rd at 6p, plus then, a course for adolescent dogs...following. 


March 26th...2023


Hoopers/ agility day. 


Unsure what to try with your dog ? 

Come and try hoopers and agility on the same day with your dog. 

Both are a fun way of excercising your dog , both mentally and physically. whilst creating a great bond between you both 

Please enquire..if you are interested