Thank you, for taking the time to visit DanTup Dog Training. My name is Jayne Pettitt, and I have been involved with dogs, all of my life. From having them as family pets, growing up on a smallholding, to working with them as a Veterinary Nurse, for 15 years, to becoming involved in dog agility, training and competitions, from 2005 with my dog Claude, and then with all of my collies. I have either won or been placed in many major agility finals, with my dogs, and have competed at both , Crufts and Olympia in agility. In the last couple of years, I have become more involved, with teaching obedience in puppies/ dogs and behavioural issues. I teach from my venue in Worthington, and over throughout the year, at an indoor venue in Peggs Green..

I love training dogs and I get a great sense of satisfaction in seeing a dog and owner improve with the help of my training to create an amazing bond together.  


Dan, was the first collie that I owned. He was due to be drowned, at four weeks of age, but Wiccaweys Rescue, stepped in and saved him. Dan arrived at my home at 8 weeks of age, and from day one, we always had an extra special bond between us. He was the most loyal and loving dog, and very intelligent. We shared 14 years, together, until sadly, he passed away aged 14, in May 2019. During our time together, he qualified for,  and won many agility competitions and finals...including the Rescue League Finals and the First Contact Final. Dan got to Grade 6 in agility before an injury ended his competing career, 

We also enjoyed many lovely holidays together. He truly was my best friend. A very very special dog, whom, I had to name my dog training business on. Much loved and very much missed.


Tup, or Tuppy, came to me as an eight week old puppy in June 2007  He was always the most friendly of dogs, and had a wonderful character. Tup thought that life was for living, and always took every opportunity he could to say hello to people and other dogs. He had his own fan club on Facebook, and people who had never even met him, loved him, from the photographs, that I used to post of him. His great personality always showed on them. He was a good agility dog, getting to Grade 6 and getting placed in several agility finals. He sadly, passed away in January 2019. He will always be very much missed and very much loved. His name is also used as part of my dog training name. 


Betsy, was the first dog that I owned after leaving my family home and moving into my own house. She was abandoned at the Vets where I worked, with a dead puppy lodged inside of her. We operated and removed the puppy, but Betsy was quite poorly and needed special aftercare...so rather than her be sent to the pound as a stray, I took her home to care for her. She never left! Betsy was a great character and enjoyed many holidays and adventures in her lifetime. She was a typical bossy terrier girl, and although she never competed in agility, she was just as well known and liked by people, as my competing dogs, such was her character. Betsy lived for 15 years with me, until she sadly passed in April 2013. She will be always be loved and always be very much missed.   


Claude came into my life in 2001. I got him from a local dog pound when he was just 11 weeks old. Claude was a very friendly boy, and he was the dog that I first started competing with in agility. He was a very clever dog, but he did not have the motivation that most working breeds have. He helped me do agility demonstrations at the school where I work, and also let people/children, practice bandaging on him, for dog first aid. He was great with people, but especially loved children. Many people loved Claude, for his Disney style, scruffy good looks, and his kind personality. He sadly passed away suddenly, in November 2013, aged 12 years. His memory lives on, and he will always be  loved and very much missed. 


Flynt, came to me at 8 weeks of age. He is still the most beautiful pup that I have ever seen and even at 12, he is the most admired of my dogs for looks, if we meet people out on a walk. Flynt became my first Grade 7 agility dog, despite having a quirky jumping style at times. He was so honest and always tried his very best for me. His work ethic was incredible. He watches me all the time and usually never goes far from me whilst on a walk. He is an outrageous flirt, and especially loves small dogs. He is a lovely companion to have, as he is devoted to me. 


Bree came to me as an 11 week old puppy. From day 1, I could tell she was highly intelligent. She was not meant to become an agility dog, but she eventually started her agility training at 15 months old and although quirky initially to train, it was always obvious that she was a very talented dog. I have lost count at the number of finals and semi finals, that she has been in, and she made my dreams come true by helping me to compete at both Crufts and Olympia. We have also been asked to try out for the GB Agility Team in 2021 and 2022. She is a dog in a million, the most honest dog who always gives you 100%. She loves Mitch, and she likes nothing more than chasing him on their walks. She is the boss, within my dogs. 


I rescued Liffy after seeing her advertised on Preloved ' Free to a good home. My intentions were to rehome her myself, to a very good home, but she got on so well with my collies, and was such a nice dog that she ended up staying. She is cheeky, clever, naughty, bossy and very fast!! She was my first dog to train with running contacts in agility, and is very quick to learn tricks.   I love her, she is a great character, and adds so much to the rest of my pack. She can be bossy with my boys, Flynt and Mitch, but knows better than to be bossy with Bree..haha. I love her, she has a wonderful character and is great fun, but also is a very loving dog, 



Mitch came to me as a foster dog at 11 weeks of age. I decided to keep him as he had a wonderful nature and, with my youngest collie, Bree being 7 years old, I felt it was also time to get another puppy. Mitch is very.....clever, loving and fast! As an agility dog, he is a work in progress. He has suffered the effects of isolation during Covid, in that training mostly by himself, he found it rather overwhelming when he started competing at shows. His first win though, and he won his grade 2 Agility class by 5 secs!! Since, then, he has won five more classes, and is now almost Grade 4. There is great improvement in his confidence and hopefully that will continue. He is a smashing boy, with the kindest heart...who helps me with all my classes, wether, agility, behavioural or puppies.  A real GEM of a dog. 

 04/09/22  Mitch, is now Grade 4.