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Jo & Beau

Beau and I have been training with Jayne for about the last year since Beau was a puppy. I have found all the classes provided by Jayne really valuable from teaching Beau the basics as a tiny puppy to now doing more advanced things as she grows. Jayne is lovely and is always happy to help with any queries that you have. There is always a nice relaxed atmosphere where you can feel confident to work with your dog. I think the whole experience has been really good to make me and beau's bond really strong and keep both our minds busy. I look forward to continuing to work with beau and Jayne and hopefully have a go at some agility!

Sarah and Duloe

I have thoroughly enjoyed the puppy training course. Jayne is a fab teacher

Hazel & Mike - Benji

Jane thank you for your patience and humour throughout the training sessions. You never make people feel useless and uncomfortable which I think is really important. Over the years I've gone to 4 dog training centres and thanks to you this one has been the best by far. Thanks for putting up with our delinquent too. Love and best wishes Hazel Mike and lanky Benji x

Sam Ashman - Buzz and Shady

We have both loved training our dogs with Jayne. She gives so much time and patience and makes it good fun too a brilliant paddock to hire and train at we highly recommend her to anyone who wants help in training their dog as she has so much experience to give.

Sara - Albie

Me and my cocker spaniel Albie have been having 121 agility lessons with Jayne at Dantup paddock which has lovely facilities. Jayne has helped us develop as partnership, improving both of own confidence especially with Albie working away from me. With all of Jayne’s support we have attended many shows this summer and Jayne has lent a helping hand if she is also a the show. High recommend Jayne and Dantup.

Gray - Shady

Shady came to DanTup for 121 agility sessions. Not only did Jayne help my confidence as a handler, but Shady's too. Cannot recommend DanTup highly enough. Excellent facilities too!!!